Main pipe sealing control device



The main pipe sealing control device is designed for inspection of the main pipe of the rail vehicle configuration as well as for the inspection of the integral rail vehicles (commuter trains, locomotives, coach and freight wagons) manufactured according UIX-Codex 547 – Train brakes reference manual 233 ZJZ.

Technical description:

The main pipe sealing control device is designed in that way that can be directly attached into main pipe standard plug to the last coach or freight wagon of the railroad composition, whereupon secures the sealing of pipe installation and monitors working pressure value. The main pipe sealing control device is consist of standard coupling head, pressure sensor with high precision and high accuracy class, electrical assembly for processing signal (signal processing electrical assembly), high precision timer, accumulator battery, charger for accumulator batteries, as well as real time display.

After plugging the main pipe sealing control device on standard main pipe coupling using the taster which is on the control device we can set up main pipe pressure at 5 bars, and the timer is set up for the specific time. There is no need of any presence due to measuring because the main pipe sealing control device has ability to detect the working pressure fall value and to keep that value on the display until the device is started for new measuring cycle. The device has timer setting features as well as setting display lightening intensity features which practically provides day and night usage ability.

Technical characteristics

Power supply 6 V DC
Measuring range 0 to 20 bar
Size 250 x 85 x 100 mm

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