Brake shoe for measure sensor


SF 011

The application of this sensor is to control executive force of brake shoe for railway vehicles with standard brake shoe carrier.

Technical description:

This sensor is specially designed for inserting into the brake shoe carrier instead original brake shoe so the braking force trough the sensors is directly transferred to the disk. The sensor doesn’t have his own power but it’s getting power from the electrical assembly where it is connected. The installation is simple, placing the sensor on the carrier instead the original break shoe, whereupon trough flexible cable is connected with transmitter where from is electrically supplied and transmits force measured data.

It can be directly connected to separate display where can be read force value in real time, or connected with PIKO 20 device where the calculated data can be visual interpreted, monitored, saved or printed.

Technical characteristics

Power supply 5 V DC
Signal 4 to 20 mv.
Pressure 3000 to 50000 N
Possible error (deviation) 1 %

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