Test device for testing coil springs

TB 001

Test device is designed for testing complete assortment of coil springs used at distributor valve. The device is practical for technical acceptance for coil springs, as well as for control of distributor valves. Test device is designed to operate as additional tool to PIKO-20, with separate software for measuring and control.

If the operator doesn’t have PIKO-20, there is a variant with own transmitter and PC. Test device has force measuring sensor as well as distance measuring sensor, so that the diagram force/distance is drawn on the screen .The test process is automated and is controlled by the PC. Measuring range is for F= 10-30N and distance up to 100mm/1500mm. Measuring range can be changed according the customer needs. In case of controlling the coil springs with known characteristics, test device defines deviations, shows graphical presentation and issues attests. Test device has end stop switches for control of distance.

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