Test bench for rail vehicle brakes


M-110.951 / MI-8 "Transformer"

The test bench MI-8 is designed for testing braking and driving characteristics of rail vehicles in moving or in stationary state.

Technical description:

The MI-8 has an integrated battery which provides 8 hour continuous operating in the field without any other power supply and even can power your laptop. All features are packed in a special suitcase useful for practical field testing. The software offers real-time monitoring as well as control of the process.

The test bench gives analyses of the most important parameters of braking process: pressure, brake force on the disk in state of moving or in stationary state (normal and tangential components), brake force on the brake pad in stationary state, temperature of the process, velocity and braking distance. The electronic brake device controlled by computer provides fully automated run of braking system tests according to UIC543-1 and VPI07 standards and customized protocol.



  • Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • UIC / VPI standards
  • 4 pressure inputs
  • Multi functional

Technical characteristics

Battery supply 2220/12 V
Battery 12 V, 2 Ah
RS-232 baud rate 38400 bit/s
AD conversion 13 bit
Temperature range 0 to +50 degree Celsius

Test bench equipment

1 transmitter M-100.001
1 electronic brake device, operated by computer M-810.001
6 pressure sensors M-210.001
2 load sensors for brake pads M-230.901
1 temperature sensor M-230.001
1 velocity sensor M-240.001
1 set of cables with connectors  
1 built-in additional supply for field testing  
1 notebook  
1 color printer  
1 software package for dynamic testing  
1 software package for stationary testing  

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