Device for control of wheel profile for rail vehicle´s wheels

TB 013

Test device can be delivered as additional tool to PIKO-20. As a result of tests the software draws real wheel profile, the ideal wheel profile as well as allowed minimum.

Technical description:

Mounting of the test device is very simple and easy. The magnetic holder has to be placed on side surface of the wheel until the wheel profile gauge lie down to the surface. Test device is equipped with electric motor to power laser sensor which accurately measure distance to wheel tread and send signals to PIKO-20, so the profile curve is drawn on the screen at the moment of measuring.
Electric motor as well as laser sensor is powered by PIKO-20, so the tests can be done on field whereby the test device is powered from the accumulator battery. Test data are saved and stored and can be printed and analyzed later according the procedure valid for test bench PIKO-20.

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