Test bench for testing coil and leaf springs


M-120.150 / TB 014

Testing coil and leaf springs according to regulation for bogie springs control, UIC regulations and European normative. Test bench can be used for testing all kinds of springs which can be fitted into test bench.

Technical description:

Test bench is fully computerized and can automatically perform tests, according to pre-defined characteristics of springs, by hand, by computer keyboard, or hand over the keys on the built-in test bench. Test bench allows control of the springs dimensions in unladed condition, defining the force-stroke diagram during testing , as well as tests in acentric loads according to EN 13298; 2003 standard. Command and technical documentation may be in a language that defined by and-user. During the test diagrams are drawn directly on the computer screen. Test bench as a result of testing gives the following report: Diagram force-stroke; Measuring list with characteristic points as defined by the spring manufacturer; Visual diagram display during testing. All the protective measures for the protection of operators in the event of damage are applied on the test bench. Manufacturer reserves the right to change the construction that will not reduce the functionality and technical capabilities of the test bench.

Technical characteristics:

Pressure force 0 to 300 kN
Piston stroke 600 mm
Force sensor 50 to 300 kN (24 V) / 0 to 50 kN
Sensor for distance 0 to 600 mm (5 V)

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