Test bench for testing driver´s brake valves



On this test bench the driver’s brake valves type “Knorr-Bremse” and ”Oerlikon” can be tested directly as well as indirectly, where the lever of driver’s brake valves has to be moved manually. The test bench shows a complete situation at conditions adequate to those at the locomotive.

Technical description:

The test bench is one-part made with built-in sensors, electrical transmitter, pneumatic installation, reservoirs, PC as well as printer. The test bench can be connected with plant pneumatic installation by 1” connection which provides sufficient amount of air for proper operation of test bench. The test bench has own pressure regulator and fine air purifier at the entry level. Besides that, air from pneumatic installation has to be purified and dry. The driver’s brake valves which are object of testing have to be set on the top of the test bench on original carriers which give easy and quick mounting. Test for sealing of pneumatic installation which is eliminatory has to be done before start with testing driver’s brake valves. Selection which type of driver’s brake valve has to be tested can be done by keyboard, and needed electro pneumatic configurations are forming automatically. During testing the lever of driver’s brake valve has to be moved manually, and pressure variations in main pipe are drawn on the screen at the same time. The drawn diagrams can be saved and printed when the testing is finished. The measuring list has to be printed as a final test result. The operator cannot influence the test results.

Technical characteristics

Pressure at main pipe 10 bar
Power supply 220 V AC

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