Test bench for electrical, electropneumatical and electro pneumatic valves



The application of this test bench is to test electrical, electromagnetic and electro pneumatic valves which take part in the rail vehicle´s braking process. The test bench disposes with direct connection carriers for different valve types: EMV 511, EV 5, EV 3, EV 6, EV 6, EP IV, NB12-TEP, NB6-TEP. The valve assortment could be changed or extended on customer demand. Valves with own carriers have own software packs for automatic testing. The test bench has options for changing valve types but in that case the option for automatic testing is disabled.

Technical description:

The test bench offers manual and automatic mode options. Electro valves´ power supply has option for continuous regulation in the range of 12 to 120V DC, providing the precise voltage for valve starting. This test bench has option for tightness test, air flow measurement as well as coil electro resistance which incentive electro magnet.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply 220 V AC
Manual power supply 24 V DC
Voltage of power supply for electrical valves 0 to 120 V DC
Working temperature range +5 to +35 degree Celsius
Entry group pressure 0 to 10 bar

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