Test bench for load bogie testing


TB 008

Technical description:

Test bench is design to satisfy the standards for this type of testing, according to DIN EN 13260 and EN 13775-4. Test bench is fully computerized, tests can be run automatically according to previously defined procedure, or manually through PC keyboard, or through manual commands of hydraulic valves. Sensors for measuring clearances during load condition are laser sensors with high class of accuracy, and data for distance change is obtained permanent during testing. Diagram of all measuring position as well as numerical values are shown on screen during test runs. When test finish the process of testing the result is printed, the measuring list with prescribed and actual results is issued in case the test is defined. In manual option test bench can run other tests on user request in the range of own capabilities.

Technical characteristics:

Max. pressure force 100 kN
Piston stroke 600 mm

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