Test bench for pressure exchanger AKR and ALR



The test bench for testing pressure exchangers AKR and ALR is special dimensioned and designed for testing pressure exchangers. The test bench runs control process at pressure exchangers automatically.

Technical description:

The test bench for testing pressure exchanger AKR & ALR is equipped with two brackets which are placed parallel on the test bench in that way that AKR & ALR cannot be tested together at same time. In that way the bracket for the device which is not in function should be sealed with cover.
The test bench for testing pressure exchanger should provide all conditions which can occur due to exploitation. The test bench is equipped with PC and the complete process is computer monitored. If any parameter exceeds the limits the software stops the process immediately.

Technical characteristics

Power supply 220 V AC
Control voltage 24 V DC
Compressed air 8-10 bar
Temperature range +5 to +35 degree Celsius

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