Test bench for testing shock absorbers


M-130.150 / TB007

Testing of hydraulic shock absorbers in order to define performance, as well as tests with regard toughness. Test bench is programmable, and it can test all types of shock absorbers that can physically fit into working shape of test bench.

Component parts:

Construction with movable lower base, hydraulic power unit with two stage hydraulic cylinder; Electro hydraulic operating system; Control desk with personal computer and printer; sensors for measuring stroke with range 0-530 mm; sensor for measuring force range of 0-20 kN; Safety Net with security off when the door is opened, Total stop button, Printer to print the diagram and measuring lists.

Technical description:

Test bench is fully computerized and can automatically perform tests, according to pre-defined characteristics of the shock absorbers, manual, computer keyboard, or hand over the keys on the built-in in the test bench. Test bench is programmable, and defines own testing procedure by choosing the type of shock absorber for all types of shock absorbers whose characteristics are previously saved. Command and technical Documentation may be in a language defined by end-user. During the test diagrams are drawn directly on the computer screen. Test bench as a result of testing gives the following report: Diagram force-stroke; Diagram velocity-force; Measuring list with characteristic points as defined by the shock absorber manufacturers; Visual diagram display during testing; All the protective measures for the protection of operators in the event of damage are applied on test bench; Manufacturer reserves the right to change the construction that will not reduce the functionality and technical capabilities of the test bench.

Technical characteristics:

Pressure force 20 kN
Motor power 5.5 KW
Piston stroke 500 mm
Capacity of power unit 4.5 l/min
Force sensor 0 to 20 kN (24 V)
Sensor for distance 0 to 500 mm
Testing speed 0/30 cm/s with continuous variation

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