Universal test bench with variable volume for testing rail vehicle brake equipment



The test bench is designed to allow testing of brake system components for rail vehicles. The assortment of devices which can be tested on the test bench is defined by the end user.

Technical description:

The test bench is designed in two separate functional units, so that one part consists of pneumatic tanks with complete pneumatic automation, personal computer, measuring probes and transmitter signal processing. The second functional unit is a movable trolley where can be set carrier for testing device, and brake cylinder with variable volume as the executive part. Each device that is tested on test bench has its own carrier, which can be mounted on movable trolley and can be connected by flexible pipes with the test bench pneumatic installation. The type of testing device can be selected by computer keyboard which activates the software application for testing of such devices. After completion of the examination tests the test bench prints diagrams as well as measuring lists. Measured parameters can be monitored on the screen during the process of measurements, by diagrams and numerically. If needed, the examiner can stop measuring process.

Technical characteristics:

Working pressure 8 to 10 bar
Power supply 220 V AC

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